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All General Assignment Classrooms, including the auditoriums in EH 1800 and ME 1106, 1153, and 1163 are now managed solely by the Registrar's Office. Registered Student Organizations should submit requests to use these rooms via http://union.ems.wisc.edu/ Departmental curricular representatives should use 25Live to request these rooms for course-related and other academic events, such as review sessions, midterm exams, class presentations, guest speakers, and department meetings; seehttps://registrar.wisc.edu/classroom-scheduling/

College of Engineering (CoE) buildings are primarily for instructional and research activities which support the College of Engineering's strategic plan - (https://www.engr.wisc.edu/about/strategic-plan/). Use of College of Engineering buildings and their spaces is restricted to College of Engineering faculty, staff and student organizations. See more specifics on the College of Engineering (CoE) Space Use Policy below.

    1. BUILDING HOURS - CoE buildings are open to the public Monday through Friday 7:30am to 9:00pm and are closed on weekends and all legal holidays.
      1. WISCARD ACCESS - CoE faculty, staff, and students can access the CoE buildings (except Wendt) when the buildings are closed using their WISCARD. If there are questions about WISCARD access, please contact coe-facilities engr@wisc.edu.
    1. MAKING A RESERVATION - See the CoE Space Reservation Procedures at https://www.engr.wisc.edu/app/uploads/2018/05/COE-Reservation-Procedures-5-2018.pdf. Reservation requests cannot be made more than three months in advance of the meeting or event date to ensure critical CoE needs and priorities can be coordinated and met.
    2. CANCELLING A RESERVATION - If a meeting or event changes or is cancelled, the original reservation requestor should go into http://engr.ems.wisc.edu and send a cancellation notice to the space approver.
    3. ATTENDEES AND PURPOSE - Meetings and events held in CoE buildings must be hosted and organized by CoE faculty, staff or a student organization and must be held in support of the instructional and research missions of the College of Engineering. CoE building spaces are not available for non-CoE groups to reserve for meeting or event use regardless of meeting or event times, or affiliations with CoE faculty, staff, CoE student organizations or research groups. Non-CoE individuals or groups looking for meeting or event space are advised to utilize the many alternate space resources on UW-Madison campus and within the city of Madison.
    4. MEETING OR EVENT SETUP - The meeting organizer is responsible for the setup of furniture, signs, trash bins, custodial support and catering in all areas except Engineering Hall. Details for setup assistance in Engineering Hall can be found in the notes section for each Engineering Hall space in the College of Engineering space reservation system http://engr.ems.wisc.edu. Tear down and removal of furniture and/or equipment, cleanup of catering and removal of trash is required to be completed at the end of the event on the same day as the event or no later than noon the following morning if the event ends after 8:00pm the preceding night. Meeting organizers are advised to contact UW Madison Physical Plant at 608-263-3333 or click Work Order Link to submit a work order to arrange for tables and chairs or other furniture setup and teardown. Custodial services for trash bins and removal of trash should be requested by completing a custodial work order which can be found at Custodial Work Order. Extra trash from an event should be removed from the area and taken to the building shipping and receiving dock if special custodial services are not requested by the meeting organizer. Failure to return a space to its original state following an event may result in the denial of future requests for use of the event.
    5. MEETINGS OR EVENTS ON THE WEEKEND - Weekend use of CoE building spaces for meetings or events is restricted to College of Engineering faculty, staff and student organizations and where attendance at the meeting or event is comprised primarily of CoE individuals. Since CoE buildings are closed to the public on the weekend, provision cannot be made to allow weekend attendance at a meeting or event which involves attendees from the public or non-campus groups. Weekend use of conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and lobbies must be requested via the CoE EMS site - http://engr.ems.wisc.edu/. Organizers ofmeetings or events taking place on the weekend need to arrange for any catering to be removed at the end of the event on the same day of the event. Tables, chairs and other furniture or equipment must be removed from the space at the end of the event on the same day of the event or by noon on Monday for events on the weekend to allow for the space to be ready for regular use when business and classes to resume. Failure to return a space to its original state following an event may result in the denial of future requests for use of the event.
    6. FOOD AND DRINKS - Food and drinks are not permitted in CoE classrooms, auditoriums or computer labs. Spaces are provided outside of the CoE auditoriums for food and drink service. See the CoE EMS site - http://engr.ems.wisc.edu/ for specifics of food service with the use of auditoriums. Violation of the food and drink policy may result in the inability of a group to make future space reservations and/or the assessment of a cleaning fee.

Space Reservations can be made by following the College of Engineering Space Reservation Procedures found at http://facilities.engr.wisc.edu/buildings/and utilizing the CoE EMS site at http://engr.ems.wisc.edu/.

UW-Madison Event Resources and Reservation information

Campus Event Services: https://union.wisc.edu/host-your-event/

UW-Madison Housing Catering: https://www.housing.wisc.edu/dining/catering/

Union South Events: https://union.wisc.edu/visit/union-south/

Memorial Union Events: https://union.wisc.edu/visit/memorial-union/

Gordon Commons: https://www.housing.wisc.edu/dining/locations/gordon/

Custodial services including: Tables, Chairs, Trash Cans and removal of trash during or after the event.

Work orders for Custodial (netid required to login): https://physicalplant.wisc.edu/customer-service/

Work orders will require a B-Number for services. If you do not know your B-Number, please contact your supervisor.